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First attempt on Southern Lapwing #birdphotography #Panama

Published December 31, 2014 in Field Notes

First attempt on photographing the Southern Lapwings in Panama City. It’s great to have excellent birding just around the corner. Yesterday, at the end of a day trip with a client, we saw a Savannah Hawk right in the middle of the city!

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The world is full of wonders: Violet-crowned Woodnypmh #birding #Panama

Published December 26, 2014 in Field Notes

The world is full of wonders. This is one of them: a male Violet-crowned Woodnymph, seen on a Whitehawk tour at Pipeline Road, Panama.

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White-vented Plumeleteer at Rainforest Discovery Center #birding #Panama

Published December 23, 2014 in Field Notes

This one was taken at the Rainforest Discovery Center, Panama during a Whitehawk tour. This is another hummingbird from the Chalybura genus, a male of White-vented Plumeleteer. It is very similar to the Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer but it has black feet instead of red and an entirely black bill. Esta foto fue tomada en el Rainforest Discovery Center de Panamá en un tour de Whitehawk. Es otro colibrí del genero Chalybura, un macho de C. buffonii. Es muy similar a C. urochrysia pero tiene las patas negras en lugar de rojas y el pico enteramente negro.

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More from #birding El Valle. Great Egret in Cloud Forest #Panama

Published December 17, 2014 in Field Notes

Another picture from last weekend at El Valle. The Great Egret is a very common species, but the contrast between the bright white plumage and those epiphytes in the Cloud Forest called my attention. El Valle is a really beautiful area and I’m looking forward to go back. Otra imagen del fin de semana en El Valle. La Garceta grande es una especie muy común, pero el contraste entre el plumaje brillante y blanco y las epífitas del bosque nuboso, llamó mi atención. El Valle es una región muy bonita y estoy deseando volver.

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