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Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer at the Canopy Lodge while scouting and #Birding #Panama

Published December 15, 2014 in Field Notes

I’ve spent the weekend scouting El Valle for Whitehawk tours in December and January. I photographed this Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer thanks to the assistance of Tino from the Canopy Lodge. This is a really beautiful area that should be visited by anyone coming to Panama! He pasado el fin de semana explorando El Valle para los tours de Whitehawk en diciembre y enero. Pude fotografiar este Chalybura urochrysia gracias a la ayuda de Tino, del Canopy Lodge. Esta es un área especialmente bonita que debería ser visitada por todos aquellos que vengan a Panamá.

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#birding in #Panama is an adventure everyday. Here Plain-colored Tanager, which don’t look so plain to me!

Published December 11, 2014 in Field Notes

I’m dusting off my flash in Panama, as it’s rarely out of the bag when I’m on at home. This is a Plain-colored Tanager from yesterday. Desempolvando el flash en Panamá, que normalmente no sale de la mochila cuando estoy en casa. Esta es una Tangara inornata de ayer.

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Bulwer’s Petrel, also called “Black Soul” by Portuguese sailors #birding #Selvagem

Published December 8, 2014 in Field Notes

There are 9 days left to support the Documentary project on the Selvagem Islands. If you want to contribute, visit this link. During my trip to Selvagem last August we saw good numbers of Bulwer’s Petrel, or how Portuguese sailors used to call them: “Black Soul”. They are swift and restless birds, that navigate above the oceans while feeding on the surface. Quedan 9 días para apoyar al proyecto de documental sobre las Islas Salvajes. Si quieres contribuir, visita el enlace. Durante mi viaje a Salvajes en agosto pudimos ver buenos números de Petrel de Bulwer, o como solían llamar los marineros […]

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Houbara Bustard under the rain. Exceptionally rainy year in the Canary Islands! #Birding

Published December 1, 2014 in Field Notes

This is an exceptionally rainy year in the Canary Islands, specially in Fuerteventura, where it has barely rained for four years. The frequent rains of the last days offer unusual images like this, a male Houbara Bustard under the rain. Este un año excepcionalmente lluvioso en las Islas Canarias, especialmente en Fuerteventura, donde casi no ha llovido en los últimos cuatro años. Las lluvias frecuentes de los últimos días ofrecen imágenes singulares como esta, un macho de Hubara Canaria bajo la lluvia.

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