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Black-capped Flycatcher #birding #CostaRica

Published January 31, 2015 in Field Notes

Most of the birds in the tropics are not as colorful as hummingbirds or toucans, like this Black-capped Flycatcher, but they are equally interesting and some of them are highly charismatic, because of its behavior or vocalizations. This is one of the favorite birds that Gorka and I saw frequently in Cerro de la Muerte, Costa Rica.

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Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Costa Rica

Published January 26, 2015 in Field Notes

Back from the trip to Costa Rica with Gorka Gorospe. It was a great experience overall with some beauties like this Fiery-throated Hummingbird. This is one of the most popular destinations for ecotourism and with good reason. I’ll be posting some pictures from the trip. Now I’m getting ready for a Panama tour and one month of fascinating work in the rainforest before going back to Tarifa.

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Spotted Antbird in the middle of an Army Ant Swarm #birding #Panama

Published January 8, 2015 in Field Notes

Being in the middle of an Army Ant Swarm it’s one of the best experiences a birder could have. Once you have found the moving ants on their way, and all the bird activity associated with it, you only have to stand still and watch what comes your way (careful where you step!). After a few minutes, the birds ignore you and start to get closer. Some of the species that attend to these ant swarms are very special as well. This is a Spotted Antbird.

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Southern Lapwing – take 2. They get closer to me now #birdphotography #Panama

Published January 1, 2015 in Field Notes

Second attempt on the Southern Lapwings. It takes me just 5 minutes to walk to the park where they spend most of the day. I just lay down and wait for them to get closer. It’s great to be able to observe them from such a short distance while they behave naturally. In this case, the light of late afternoon was obscured by clouds and I used fill flash with better beamer. It would have been good to use a smaller aperture to get those feet in focus, but there was not enough light and I didn’t want to raise […]

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