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One of my pics as last cover of Neotropical Raptor Network newsletter

Published November 17, 2015 in Field Notes

The Neotropical Raptor Network delivers a newsletter twice a year: Spizaetus. It’s edited by my friend Marta Curti and it’s the only trilingual publication about neotropical raptors. It normally contains interesting news and recent research. They are free for download here: The last issue of Spizaetus has one of my pictures for its cover. It’s a captive (non-releasable) Black Hawk-Eagle that is used for environmental education. My friend Angel Muela takes care of this beautiful animal to show it to Panamanian kids and teach them about raptors and its natural habitat.

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One of my favorite #Raptors in the world. Black and White Hawk-Eagle in #Belize

Published November 15, 2015 in Field Notes

I was asked for some neotropical raptors’ pics recently, and I found this one from Belize. This is a juvenile Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle that I found in the Mountain Pine Ridge. I had the chance to photograph this individual a few times over a couple of weeks, but never got a great flying picture. The light was normally very hard, and the black and white plumage made thinks even harder! Even though this is not a great picture, you can see the details on the upperwing coverts.The color on the beak and eye are incredibly vivid, and even more so on […]

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View of Chinijo from #Lanzarote #CanaryIslands #Photography

Published November 9, 2015 in Field Notes

I will be going back to the Canary Islands in a few days. Scouting some new areas for future trips focusing on the endemic species and subspecies of birds. I’m also looking forward to take some more pictures and learn about landscape photography. Certainly the Canary Islands offer fantastic opportunities to those who enjoy Nature Photography. This picture was taken from the top of the Famara Cliffs, which offer great views of the Chinijo Archipelago: La Graciosa, Montaña Clara and Alegranza.

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