Yeray Seminario is a Spanish ornithologist that works as a Nature guide and photographer in the Strait of Gibraltar with Birding The Strait. He also leads international tours with Whitehawk – Birding and Conservation. He has guided tours to destinations like Belize, Morocco and the Canary Islands, to name a few places. His extensive field experience, knowledge of birds, absolute dedication, and his passion for wildlife are a great asset to every task he gets involved in.

Yeray has always had a special affinity for birds. His interest in wildlife led him to study Veterinary Medicine, and later to work in wildlife rehab centers and breed raptors in captivity. Later, he earned a Masters degree in Conservation Biology while he dedicated himself to studying the causes of the disappearance of the Red Kite in the Canary Islands.

After an internship with the International Bird Rescue (IBR) in California at a rescue center for marine birds, he went to Argentina as part of an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) team to help in an oil spill. He then accepted a job with The Peregrine Fund to work as a field biologist with the Orange-breasted Falcon and the Harpy Eagle in Central America. He would dedicate almost four years of his life to this effort while he discovered the wildlife of the Neotropics.

He currently lives in Tarifa, a charming town in southern Spain and the epicenter for the migration of birds between Europe and Africa.