Sri Lanka Frogmouth #Birding #SriLanka

Published February 10, 2017 in Field Notes

Despite its name the Sri Lanka Frogmouth is not endemic to Sri Lanka. It was, however, one of the birds I really wanted to see. This was possible again thanks to Ratne, who knew a couple of roosting places for these birds at Sinharaja.

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Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle #Birding #SriLanka

Published February 9, 2017 in Field Notes

Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle from Sri Lanka, with a few moulted feathers, but still in its first year. To take this picture I got the invaluable assistance of Ratne, a fantastic local guide in Sinharaja: I left my camera and tripod in the room to enjoy a relaxed birding walk without the extra weight. Big mistake! I found this beautiful bird perched, just next to the trail and in a perfect spot for a picture. I started to run back to my room and get my heavy backpack. Ratne, who happened to be passing by with his bike, saw me […]

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Yala National Park #SriLanka

Published February 8, 2017 in Field Notes

The Sri Lankan coast is spectacular on those parts that haven’t been taken over by massive tourism. Some popular beaches have been overdeveloped and are virtually covered by tasteless beach clubs and myriads of people, unfortunately, Some coastal areas, however, remain relatively quiet and undiscovered. The place on the picture, near Yala National Park, was only visited by a few locals and had to be abandoned before dark, as elephants use to roam the area. Fantastic place.

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Oriental Darter at Bundala National Park #SriLanka #Birding

Published February 5, 2017 in Field Notes

Slowly going over the pictures from last December in Sri Lanka. Again, great place, fantastic birds and people. Highly recommended. Go!

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