Desert Sparrow against sand dunes #Birding in #Morocco

Published June 20, 2016 in Field Notes

I’m currently working on the Trip Report of Whitehawk’s Magical Morocco tour and going over my pictures. This spring I’ve been lucky to guide a few tours in the country, both for Birding The Strait and Whitehawk, and every time I go I think I enjoy it more and more. In addition to great birding, Morocco always provide magnificent landscapes and absolute delightful light for photography. This is a Desert Sparrow, from the subspecies Saharae, one of my favorite species in the country, which is becoming scarcer. This time I was able to photograph it in the morning light against […]

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Steppe Eagle in Rajasthan #India as part of the #Naturajazz project Raptors of the World

Published April 16, 2016 in Field Notes

I recently submitted the 100 pictures that constitute the project called "Raptors of the World", that will be projected during the series of concerts of the #Naturajazz festival in Tenerife. This Steppe Eagle photographed in Rajasthan, India, is one of the images from the project. I’m happy to hear that my photographies will be used during the World Kora Trio performance, together with pictures from professional photographer Oliver Yanes. The concert will take place next Thursday 10 of May in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You can find more information (in Spanish) about the project here:

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Crested Hawk-Eagle in #India as part of one of the winning project at #Naturjazz

Published April 1, 2016 in Field Notes

Yay! I just got news that one of the projects I presented for the Naturjazz photography competition was selected within the category: Rest of the World. The project is called Raptors of the World, and the pictures will be projected during jazz concerts in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, during the months of April and May. This is one of the photographies I included in the raptor collection: a Crested Hawk-Eagle from Bandhavgarh, India. Thanks to those who encouraged me to participate!

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An air of dignity – Barbary Macaque in #Morocco

Published March 14, 2016 in Field Notes

We are finishing a scouting trip for Birding The Strait and Whitehawk in Morocco and even though the focus was on locating the best places for target species, we had some good photography opportunities. This is a Barbary Macaque near Azrou. We could could take some photographs of them in the snow, but I liked the air of dignity of this individual that was watching from a tree.

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