Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle #Birding #SriLanka

Published February 9, 2017 in Field Notes

Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle from Sri Lanka, with a few moulted feathers, but still in its first year.

To take this picture I got the invaluable assistance of Ratne, a fantastic local guide in Sinharaja:
I left my camera and tripod in the room to enjoy a relaxed birding walk without the extra weight. Big mistake! I found this beautiful bird perched, just next to the trail and in a perfect spot for a picture. I started to run back to my room and get my heavy backpack. Ratne, who happened to be passing by with his bike, saw me running and clearly agitated. Without hesitation, he shouted "I will take you, hop on!". It was a fast (may I say furious?) ride to the hotel and back to the trail. The bird was still there, completely oblivious to our presence. I have to say, that that bike ride and meeting Ratne was one of the coolest experiences in Sinharaja.