Northern Olingo see in Monteverde #mammals of #CostaRica

Published March 13, 2015 in Field Notes

Considering how difficult birding can be in the rainforest, it’s quite surprising how many mammals one gets to see while hiking in the jungle. Coatis, howler monkeys, sloths, tamanduas… all can be seen relatively easily on a trip to the Neotropics. Some other mammals are a little bit more difficult to see (all the cats, for instance) and it’s always a treat when one of those sits in the open for a few seconds.

This Northern Olingo (Bassaricyon gabbii) was seen in Monteverde, Costa Rica, when he approached the hummingbird feeders to get its sugar fix.

Olingos belong to the Procyonidae family, which originally evolved in North and Central America, and colonized South America as part of the Great American Interchange, when the volcanic Isthmus of Panama rose up from the sea floor and bridged the formerly separated continents.