Trumpeter finches in #Morocco #challengeonnaturephotography

Published November 22, 2015 in Field Notes

7 nature photos and 7 nominations in 7 days
This is Day 1 of my #challengeonnaturephotograph. Thanks to Bill Eden for his nomination and kind words.

My first picture was taken in Morocco, a small flock of Trumpeter Finch drinking from a small puddle near Merzouga. I take the opportunity to tell that there’s a Whitehawk birding tour next March/April and there are still 3 spaces left!

I nominate Vivek Khanzode for the #challengeonnaturephotography, an accomplished photographer that specializes on bird photography. During the short time I’ve spent with him, I learned a lot just watching him dealing with the challenges of photographing neotropical birds.

Now it’s up to Vivek to post a new image each day for 7 days, tag me in the post, and nominate a new person each day by tagging them.